(Military grade leaf netting)

Studio TEk carries a variety
of military camouflage netting
perfect for set decorating.
Available in many sizes and

Due to military down sizing
and the lack of manufacturing
interests, camouflage netting is
in limited supply and subject to
availability. Order early to
guarantee that your order will
be filled.

(Camo leaf - poncho and hood)

The perfect costume for creating
the unexpected scare. Simply use
the costume next to a camouflage
covered wall and blend into the

One size fits all. Made of flame
retardant vinyl.

(Camo Netting)

As part of our flame retardant
supplies, Studio Tek-Fx is
manufacturing our own line of
camo. Unlike military issue netting,
our line if made of flame retardant
vinyl. This durable material will
hold up in the most demanding

As with all of our materials, Camo
Guard comes with flame retardant
certificates. This material comes in
two forms leaf with netting and leaf
only. Leaf colors are military green
and brown.

Customers carrying weapons
have become so common that
no attraction whether located
in a large urban area or a small
rural town is safe anymore.

This hand held metal detector is
Lightweight and easy to use, yet
powerful enough to detect metal
objects as small as a hatpin.

This unit features an earphone
jack, sensitivity adjustment, and
battery strength indicator.

For a limited Time, Studio TEk is pleased to provide vintage funeral
equipment. These include hard to find lamps, candle holders, funeral
baskets and funeral curtains. Many of these are items are from the
1930's to the early 1960's. For more information visit www.studiotek-
fx.com for pictures and availability.

Below are samples of funeral curtains. These quality curtains easily
fold out to create an instant setting. Available while supplies last.