GG702 is a class A flame
retardant for synthetic and
non synthetic fabrics, wood
and plywood.

The most versatile flame
retardant available.

Uses: Fabrics, wood
upholstery, Hardwood
plywood, most porous

GG710 is a class A flame
retardant perfect for live
and live cut plant life. Its
resin base formula cotes
while not drying out the
forage. The most effective
flame retardant for all
varieties of Christmas

Uses: Live cut foliage
and Christmas trees

WW790 is a class A flame
retardant for exterior
unfinished lumber.

For best results add FC450
preservative / sealer to
provide a long lasting flame
retardant protection to
outdoor materials.

Uses: exterior unfinished
lumber, i.e. plywood,
siding, patios, decks, etc.

MG Liquid is a class A flame
retardant paint additive.
12 fluid ounces mixes into
one gallon of paint making
the paint flame retardant.

Will not change the color or
consistency of the paint.

Uses: For water & oil
base paints.

FR-Cream is a two part
epoxy resin with a flame
retardant base property.

FR-Cream creates a durable
hardened skin to foam work
while preserving detail. FR-
Cream will not damage EPS
or many other foam products.

Uses: Light weight epoxy
hardener for EPS and many
other foams

Flame Guard VG4mil is
The best and most cost
effective flame retardant
covering. Vinyl Guard 4mil
will not absorb moisture and
will block out light for total
black out areas. Comes in 14
different colors including

6" roll - 290 yards of material.
54" roll - 194 yards of material.

Vinyl Guard VG-13 is a
13 oz rip stop flame
retardant material that
provides a durable flame
protection for soft wall or
scenic application. VG-13
is available in 100"x100yd
roll size and is available in
select colors.

Uses: Scenic or soft wall

Vinyl Guard sheeting is an
extruded vinyl panel with
a flame retardant additive
included. The result is a
durable flame retardant
panel that has a 94 VO
rating. (Self-extinguishing)
Ten colors to choose from.

Uses: Wall panel construction
Material comes in 4ft. x 8 ft.
sheets. Sheets come in 1/8 in.
or 1/4 in. thickness.