The Model 8J Tesla Coil creates
beautiful, wandering electrical
arcs as long as ten feet. it is the
same tesla coil used and
endorsed by kva effects, the
nation's leader in high voltage
special effects, and is backed
by a proven track record of
reliability in tv, film and theater.

The Model 8J is a complete system
that includes a fully adjustable,
12kva power controller. the
controller connects to your
electrical service and adjusts
the output and arc length of
the tesla coil. it also features a
variable inductor that adjusts
the Model 8J's power system to
consume power efficiently and

The Model 8J features a specially
modified, synchronous spark
gap motor. This feature, along
with the variable controller,
allows the Model 8J to process
power without producing power
line interference that may affect
other show equipment.

The Model 8J can stand on the
floor or be suspended upside
down from standard theatrical
truss. Upside down mounting
provides an opportunity for the
creative, flexible placement of
lightning within your theme park
or attraction.

When your design calls for
simulated electrical power,
without the power arcs, the
Wand is the only choice.

Lightning strikes academy
award winning technology
has been designed into a
unique circular housing for
a 360 degree lightning effect.
Simple to use:
Plug it into a standard 20 amp,
115 volt wall socket. Control it
with a simple remote switch or
show controller.

Light output - 5,000 watts
Color temperature - 5600 Degrees
kelvin (daylight)